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Thursday, 26 November 2020 15:19

JiveX PACS software modules expansion for Syros General Hospital

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The procedure to expand the potentials of the JiveX PACS software in Syros General Hospital was completed with the installation of the proper licenses. The project study of the software expansion was devised based on the needs and the workflow of the hospital and the integration of the extra software modules was subsumed immediately and without any problems.

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Doctors can retrieve images from older types of analog medical equipment, dititize medical exams and results that until now resided only on paper and append them to patient’s healthcare record.

All the users of the hospital network already have elevated access (according to their role) on the exams and the medical data processing without the use of extra access codes, only with their windows domain username and password. Each patient can receive study images and results in a CD/DVD/BD and also access his/her medical data via a secure encrypted internet connection.

All the doctors -from now on- have access to the exams of any patient from any type of internet browser, for study and review. Finally, two concurrent diagnostic client licenses, were installed, which provide all the tools for diagnostic image processing to the operating physician, with dual diagnostic monitors.

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