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TMA Online Scheduling

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t-cos-soft-boxStay organized with a fully customizable scheduling

Web application for scheduling online appointments and patient examinations. TMA Online Scheduling is a turn key solution for every practice, hospital or telemedicine site.

Easy scheduling saves time and streamlines your practice management.
Staff can manage appointments in seconds. As a result you’ll have less missed appointments and increased practice efficiency.

A schedule for every practice, hospital or telemedicine site

  • Check your schedule from home or on the go so you’re always prepared for your day.
  • Combine multiple sites and telemedicine equipment on multiple physical locations
  • Appointment reminders for your patients means fewer no-shows and more take-home revenue for your practice.
  • Recurring appointment management allows you to easily manage patients with chronic conditions and reduce double-entry.
  • Replicate your current workflows with customizable event types, blocked time and multiple facility management.
  • View multiple provider schedules side-by-side to find appointment availability quickly.

Online Check-in

With Online Check-In, there’s no need to manually enter patient intake information into your EHR — your intake forms will automatically flow directly into the patient’s chart note.

  • The intake forms for Online Check-In are easy to create and 100% customizable for your practice.
  • Demographic and insurance information is automatically reconciled as an EHR task and all other responses flow directly into the encounter note.
  • Your patients save time and report more accurate information by not having to complete paper forms in your waiting room, while your staff saves time by not having to scan or manually enter information into your EHR.

Calendar View

TMA Online Scheduling supports configurable practice timings and working days. The appointment scheduling calendar shows non-working hours and days as grayed out for easy identification. The appointment scheduling calendar has three views, viz., day, week and month. Each view shows appointments of multiple physicians across facilities.

Each physician’s schedule is color coded for easy identification. Appointment duration can be easily changed by resizing the appointment slot. The Print option in the Appointment Scheduling view, allows you to print appointments of one or more physicians for the selected time period. The Appointment Scheduler also allows you to double/triple book a slot, for special situations, after showing an alert.

Benefits of Online Patient Appointment Scheduling

  • Appointments sought from the integrated patient health record portal, improve practice efficiency, with fewer phone calls and missed appointments
  • As appointments are stored online, physicians can check their schedules from their smartphones or tablets indipedant from the device operating system.
  • Automated appointment reminder emails sent to patients helps reduce No Shows.
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